How to make curly hair permanently straight with kitchen ingredients?

People who are blessed with locked and rough hair try different chemical methods to make their hair straight shiny and silky. But that results in some harmful effects after certain time like hair loss, allergy on hair hair scalps , dry hair and broken hair.
Straight and shiny hair suit every type of face. So to prevent chemical damage, i have brought cheaper and homie method for naturally straight hair for you all.

Ingredients required to make curly hair permanently straight:

1. 1 cup coconut milk: 

                                   It contains proteins which nourishes your hair with cool sensation when applied to scalp. Massage your hair for 1-2 minutes with coconut milka nd leave it for 20 minutes then wash hair with shampoo and conditioner regularly. This stimulates hair growth and restore dry, damaged , weakened brittle as well as split end hair. Apply 50 ml of coconut milk added to 100 ml of water and few tablespoons of camphor in hair and also bald area with massage and leave it for couple of hour. Wash your hair with warm water. Cover your hair with  and let your hair dry itself. do not rub your hair with towel. this helps in reduction of baldness.

2.  Lemon juice(1 lemon):

                                         If you want to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead cells, then lemon is best natural remedy for this. Lemon juice helps to straighten your hair. The mixture of 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1 cup coconut oil is applied on hair and after fifteen minutes rinse your hair with cold and comb with wide toothed-comb. Shampoo your hair as required. This process every week provides you with desired sleekness of your hair. Lemon juice helps to remove dandruff, treat oily and itchy scalp. It helps in growth of hair (thick and long), treats splits end of hair, provides shine to hair, treatment of lice and hair loss, thickens hair and conditions hair.

3.  2 Tablespoon olive oil:

                                        Although olive oils are mostly used in aour kitchen, they are much more beneficial to our hair . Olive oil moisturizes your hair and makes its more softer and manageable. Olive oil also treats split end hairs.

4.  3 Tablespoon corns tarch: 

                                              Use of corn starch makes hair elastic or bouncy and silky. It conditions your hair. It protects your hair against heat and colour fade. 


1. mix the cornstarch gradually with lemon juice, resulting mixture with no lumps
2. mix coconut milk with olive oil and mixture of lemon juice and corn starch too
3. stir the mixture continuously in low heat until you have a creamy consistency 
4. apply the mixture on your hair and cover your hair with a hair cap and a hot towel 
5. leave it for 1-2 hours and then wash your hair with conditioner 

You can repeat this process every week to get desired style of hair.

Feel free to comment down below if you have any queries.. :) 

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