10 simple way of becoming a pain manager

People start suffering with mental stress from very small and unnoticeable behaviour of individual's life. Pain is very stressful feeling. Pain can be managed or controlled by using different medication, physical therapies, mind-body techniques and counselling. Some simple and easy techniques can help you to managed your physical and mental pain. 

Steps to became a pain manager

1. Changing position frequently, don't sit or stay in one spot for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Normally to feel refresh or to have fun, we watch TV or movies sitting in a same spot for a long time. Staying in one spot for a long time make your muscles tired and can make your pain go worst. If you can't change position, take at least 2-5 minutes for a stretch. 

2. Get up and dressed every morning

Lying on bed for long time encourages bad sleeping habits and weakens your muscles, which can make you suffer from worst fool pain.

3. Take your Medication regularly  

Medication, as prescribed by doctor, taken daily and at regular time help you to controlled your pain from getting worst.

4. Participate in 20-30 minutes of relaxing activity every day

Relaxing activities such as yogas, taking a hot bath, playing with pets and relaxation music tapes help to keep sound mentality and physicality of an individuals. 

5. Pace your activities

Do a little bit of housework, exercise and enjoyable activity each day and build up gradually. By starting it slowly and pacing an activity, the body becomes gradually used to that activity.  It is much better than doing something all at once and suffering for a days after. 

6. Do some form of exercise on daily basis

Exercises are good for muscles and joints, and may actually reduce pain as it can also reduces muscle tension. Muscles need exercise to stimulate blood flow, which gives them oxygen. Tight muscles can actually increase pain, so relax the muscles and feel the tension slider away.  

7. Try to reduced worries and negative thought

Think about what you can do-not what you can't. Look for positive aspects in each situation. The way you think, positively or negatively decides if you get successful or unsuccessful results respectively.

8. Set yourself one achievable goal each day

Goal setting allows you to take charges of your life rather than letting the pain dominate you. For example writing a blog everyday, planing to go vacation every weekends, keep a note for all the good/ positive things you do each day. 

9. Eat healthy diet

Drinking Alcohol, smoking, eating tobacco are bad for your body, increase tiredness and excessive weight puts extra stain on painful joint's and may end up having cancer. Poor diet, and overuse of alcohol and drugs can affect your emotional state and make it more difficult to cope. 

10. Smile

It has been said that a smile releases endorphins from the brain. Endorphins have a morphine-like effect and are the body's natural pain medicine. Exercise also produces endorphins, with the same effect. 

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