Top 13 steps to prevent from getting Brest cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, Australia, US and other part of the world. A little awareness goes a long way in terms of protection, while early diagnosis of breast cancer can even save your life.Tamoxifen and three similar drugs can significantly reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women at risk from the disease.  

Here is the 13 steps to prevent from Brest Cancer

  1. Stay Active
  2. Supplement
  3. Daily Exercise 
  4. Stress less, sleep better
  5. Consider losing weight
  6. Stay away from smoking
  7. Limit exposure to radiation and pollution
  8. Don’t drink alcohol — or at least drink less 
  9. Maintain healthy blood sugar balance and healthy weight
  10. Avoid harmful environmental exposures — including unnecessary hormones
  11. If you’re at increased risk, taking a preventive medication could cut your risk in half
  12. Consider ending hormone therapy (if you are using it to treat symptoms of menopause)
  13. Eat only high-quality, natural foods, and include olive oil and dark leafy greens every day

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